JEOL  Microscopes


DigiSTAR /ASTAR can be easily installed / retrofitted  into  various TEM  in the same laboratory (of same or different  trade marks) and can upgrade /enhance TEM functionalities  for  electron  crystallography. Actually  there more than 75  installations worldwide, here are just a few examples  :

ASTAR / DigiSTAR  on ARM  200 FE  Cs 

probe corrected /Jeol  2100 F Jeol Factory  Japan

ASTAR / DigiSTAR  on ARM  200 FE  Cs 

probe corrected   Arizona  State  University, USA

ASTAR / DigiSTAR  on Jeol 2010 FEG /Jeol 2100 

CCiT  Univ of  Barcelona

ASTAR/ DigiSTAR  Jeol 2010 FEF /Jeol 3010  

CEA Minatec Grenobe France

DigiSTAR/ ASTAR  on  Jeol  2200 FS TEM

(200 kv FEG)  Humboldt  University Berlin Germany

ASTAR/ DigiSTAR  on Jeol 2100

Univ. of Singapore

ASTAR/ DigiSTAR on  Jeol 2100 FEG

CBPF  Rio de Janeiro  Brazil

Article in ASU SCOPE Summer 2013 Newsletter

Read comments about the installation and use of the ASTAR-Topspin-Autostrain system on their JEOL ARM200F aberration corrected microscope.